Chopstick Master Jig from Bridge City

As woodworking jigs go, this is one of the most well thought out we have ever seen. It is an absolute joy to use. As with all the best jig designs, this one is foolproof, guaranteeing perfect results every time.

Using the jig you can plane a 7mm blank into a tapered square, put an octagonal taper onto the last 100mm and trim the chopstick top into a perfect 4-sided pyramid shape. In addition, the jig sets the plane’s skids to the correct depth and includes a honing surface for the plane blade on its underside.

The Chopstick Master includes a Bridge City Tools HP-8 block plane, which is a superb tool in its own right. In addition, there is a 30° honing guide and abrasive strip for sharpening the blade. The jig comes with 2 inserts: red for producing chopsticks with a 5mm tip and green for a narrower 2mm tip, as well as a set of clamping wedges to secure your blank. In order to trim the top of your chopsticks, there is a saw blade and sliding arm with a length stop.

To get you started, the box contains 20 blanks in a variety of hardwoods, enough for 10 beautiful looking pairs of chopsticks. The 10 fabric chopstick presentation bags keep your latest production clean and tidy as well as making excellent gifts. A small bottle of chopstick finishing oil completes the package.

The Chopstick Master allows anybody, regardless of experience, to make a pair of high quality chopsticks in less than 15 minutes and with practice in 5-6 minutes. The end product looks truly classy; the bonus comes in the immense pleasure gained from the process of making the chopsticks.

The jig is currently priced at £299.96.

Blanks & Bags
The Chopstick Master blanks and bags include 20 accurately dimensioned chopstick blanks in a variety of straight-grained hardwoods. These allow you to make 10 high quality and great looking pairs of chopsticks. The 10 drawstring presentation bags feature the phrase “Chopstick Master” printed in Chinese characters as well as an attractive red or blue print design (5 of each). A pair of handmade chopsticks in a presentation bag makes an excellent and unusual gift.

The blanks and bags are currently priced at £29.66 for the set.

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Prices include vat and may be subject to change without notice.

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