Leo Binetti's universe revolves around restoring, repairing and replicating antique string instruments - lutes, mandolins and guitars.  Since his youth, the instrument maker from Prato, Italy, has been pursuing a dream to devote himself to this traditional craft.  He first attended a vocational school, enabling him to open his own workshop afterward"What I like about my job is the manual element; I have the chance to create something with my own hands", Leo explains.

"I love to work with a material as wonderful as wood, and to see an object grow from it that has a sound, a soul." However, Leo does not see practising this ancient craft as a reason for only using traditional tools.  He uses cordless tools which enable him to meet his high standards for precision, speed and efficiency.  2When I choose a power tool, it needs to be precise because precision is essential in a craft like mine.  It has to be of a high quality and must be durable - it needs to be professional.  It has to be easy to handle because lightweight tools that are convenient to operate make my daily work easier and make for a better outcome," Leo continues.

Cordless Tools Give Voice to Instruments

It takes one to two months and different work steps to build an instrument such as a guitar, mandolin or lute.  Completing this process depends on cordless tools by Bosch Professional: the GSR 12V-15 FC Professional FlexiClick Drill Driver, the GHO 12V-20 Professional Cordless Planer and the GKF 12V-8 Professional Cordless Edge Router.  All three tools are powered by high-performance 12 volt lithium-ion batteries, bringing Leo two benefits.  He can choose from seven different battery sizes from 1.5 to 6.0 Ah depending on the application; in addition, the "Flexible Power System2 means tha tthe 12 volt batteries are compatible with all Bisch tools and chargers in this voltage class.

The GSR 12V-15 FC Professional FlexiClick Drill Driver is the shortest cordless drill/driver in its class, and is well equipped for precision work in tight spaces with its four adapters - a lockable bit holder plus a drill chuck, off-set angle and angle screw adapter.

Screwing an instrument's body together, securing the neck, winding up the strings - Leo uses the handy cordless drill/driver for all these jobs. "The different adapters make every work step easier, from fine work such as fitting the tuning pegs through to tensioning the strings, even in areas that are hard to reach."

The GHO 12V-20 Professional Cordless Planer and the GKF 12V-8 Preofessional Cordless Edge Router are in constant use in Leo's workshop.  The cordless planer is needed for an earlier work phase, when the neck of the instrument is rounded.  In terms of weight and size, it is comparable to a traditional hand-held planer.  The instrument maker uses a cordless edge router to fashion the sound box.

The edge router has a particularly narrow handle, meaning it can be easily controlled with one hand.  From the first rough milling mark to the tiniest final details - Leo's work is effortless as he follows the instrument's curved lines with ease. "For me, it is really important that my tools are easy to handle, a lightweight tool that I can use without effort improves the quality of my work enormously. It enable me to be extremely precise, and that is what my craft is all about" says Leo as he sets to work on the next guitar.

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