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Thread: Power chuck
08/02/2018 17:12:09

I have used the Craft suppies versio of this and was really glad to get a scroll chuck, my Axminster is now 25 years old and still as good as new and transformed what I can do on the lathe.


Thread: Forstner bits
06/02/2018 17:12:32

I bought a set of Record Fortnser bits and they are OK for hobby use. Don't be too dissmissive of cheap ones I have a set twety five years old and still workable.

Look on youtube for some excellent videos on how to sharpen one


Thread: Power chuck
04/02/2018 17:31:20

I have a Record chuck and it is a scroll chuck, and a good one. I am not sure why someone would tell you that a record chuck is not a scroll chuck. Is the chuck reltively new? is so get on and use it.


18/12/2017 17:33:27

Hopefully you are sorted now, be careful I can see why the old one was broken, the plastic is not very strong.


16/12/2017 16:32:04

Try putting some photo's up, some one may be able to help


15/12/2017 17:16:22

There is a lot of similarity in the saws, mine is a Metabo and is simply a renamed Electra Beckum, had it few years and still cuts well.


Edited By Ron Davis on 15/12/2017 17:17:12

14/12/2017 17:49:27

The drive belt is not a problem, a mate of mine has that model and he replaced the drive belt with one meant for a Record saw. I doubt the fence the same as record as they use their own guide.

I think you were miss sold and you should complain the Ebay as the saw is definitely not in excellent condition.


Thread: Palletwood Christmas Tree
11/12/2017 15:41:23

Yes , definitely, should get a pound from someone with a wood burner..

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, the angel looks great


Thread: Record Power BS9 or BS250?
04/12/2017 17:55:10

You won't go wrong with Tuffsaws, brilliant firm


Edited By Ron Davis on 04/12/2017 17:55:48

19/11/2017 20:04:00

I am with Derek on this, get the bigger one,


Thread: The Bury St Edmunds Woodturning Club's new lathe
19/10/2017 19:53:54

Hi Lucy, this is what we do on this forum, I am pleased that the info was helpful


Thread: How many characters?
22/09/2017 19:10:50

Thanks for the replies to my query. As you will see I have successfully posted my story

Thanks again


22/09/2017 19:08:51
I recently had a full knee replacement, and as you will understand, I found it frustrating not to be able to get around and do all I wanted to do just after the return from hospital. I did hobble down to the shed though, and decided to take on a project that was on the ‘one day when I have the time’ list. I wanted something that was simple to make, did not involve heavy pieces of timber and could be done as I felt up to it.
One thing on that list was a set of trammels. The ones I had came from a boot sale and were marginally better than useless!
Starting with an hour here and a half hour there, I sorted some sapele and commenced to create as masterpiece.
I had made the two heads in sapele and glued and screwed them together and decided they looked awful. Now how much woodwork do you do at 4AM? None? Well me neither, but it is wonderful what comes to mind when heading for the loo at that hour. The vision that came to me was to have contrasting timbers and dovetail the heads. I chose sapele and ash and set about cutting eight dovetails, I made the sleepers from box, and into each I set in a small washer. I used a 6mm bolt with an ash knob, which I ground to a blunt point so that I had metal-to-metal contact. Then with sealer and lots of wax I buffed the lot to a shine. Add some ¼” rod ground to a point and a plug to satisfy the ‘Elf and Safety requirements I have a set of trammels, I just need a job where I can use them now!
Ronrsz_rsz_trammell (1).jpg

21/09/2017 20:49:39

I have tried to up load a picture and a description of m work and I find I cannot post as it has too many characters.

According to the message I got there is 1229 characters too many, and according to Word the piece I pasted was 1446 characters, are we limited to 215 characters? I have posted longer post than that in the past.

I cannot find any where on the site telling me how many characters I can have in one post.


Thread: Acorn Smoothing Plane
17/08/2017 17:46:50

Derek, what are you doing messing about with my fantasy?

the nearest I got to that is a 100 year old 22" Record try plane for £9, I haggled it down from a tenner!


Thread: painted rimed bowl in laburnum.
09/07/2017 17:05:36

RonThanks for that tip Dennis, a bit late for me though as we put in a wet room three years ago!

Thread: Scoring saw
28/05/2017 17:43:32

A scoring saw cuts a shallow groove on the underside of the stock, this is to prevent break out, especially with laminates.


Thread: The Bury St Edmunds Woodturning Club's new lathe
07/02/2017 21:02:09


Hi Duncan, I have similar attachments to the Tyme Cub as it was the lathes we used when I first went to a wood turning course.

We had the same problem in fitting the chuck, because Tyme were well ahead of the game in that they went metric, the thread on your head stock is 20mm by 2mm. We used my Axminster chuck and one of the members made an adaptor, which Axminster could not do. If you have an Axminster chuck you could have a new adaptor made as they are only held on with four screws, other makes have the tread tapped directly to the body. It is possible to have a an adaptor with 3/4" by 16tpi with 12 by 8tpi, although this would put the chuck a little way out from the head stock.

We have now sold the lathe and bought a second hand Axminster, mainly to get the 1"by 8tpi thread for chucks and faceplates, and for demonstrators to use their own chucks on.

You will have to take the chuck and the lathe headstock to an engineering firm to see what they can do for you. Goood luck with it, and have you  thought of joining a local club? Loads of free advice and who knows, maybe a another member with a metal turning lathe


Edited By Ron Davis on 07/02/2017 21:06:41

Thread: Coloured Box
06/02/2017 17:27:10

Wrong colour for a lemon Derek! You got the problems sorted and came up with an unusual box.

Was the fun in the journey or the destination?


Thread: The Experiment
08/01/2017 17:30:24

Is this the Sparky who was a moderator some while ago? If so welcome back, we missed you!


Edited By Ron Davis on 08/01/2017 17:30:43

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