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Thread: Rippled pot
16/02/2018 21:00:41

It was turned wet and then allowed to dry which causes the ripples but for some reason this did not totally work so I then poured boiling water over with the result of only half of the fins rippling. I got my wife to buy some wooden cloths pegs which I split into half and again poured boiling water over the fins and inserted the tapered end of the pegs so that it produced the pattern you see here. They stayed in until the wood was dry again. The pot needed a very light skim to straighten the sides, then the finish was applied.

Thread: Bowl turning gouges/scrapers
16/02/2018 19:59:26

The chuck you already have will do the job but the newer scroll chucks are a lot easier to use. Try to buy the best you can afford as they will not depreciate as much as cheap ones the same applies to any woodturning tools. be careful what you do buy as I have seen carving chisels on places like E bay being sold as turning tools.

Also when buying chucks try to get ones that have plenty of different jaws available as after sales add ons like Axminster tools chucks when buying also check that you order the correct thread size

Thread: Oak vase
13/02/2018 15:56:21

Turned this from wet and finished with lemon oil and then buffed on the chestnut buffing system

Thread: Slotted Pot
13/02/2018 15:53:48

The little pot with the slots running up and down was finished with copper paint which did dry very shiny but when I put a finish on it went matt in colour as the finish was a satin finish. The outside I used the pyrography machine to apply the texture and then ebonising spray followed by a misting of Golden acrylic interference paint in blue.

Thread: Rippled pot
13/02/2018 15:49:34

This piece with the ripples was from a tutorial of ripple surface effect by Dennis Gooding on another site his was a random ripple and he got a 50% success rate so I was pretty pleased to have managed to complete this on my first but then I did cheat to get mine to ripple and in a more uniform way

Edited By Derek Lane on 13/02/2018 15:50:21

Thread: Parkside (Lidl) hand held Belt Sander
11/02/2018 18:01:32

Some belt sanders can be a little noisy but without hearing it i could not say if yours is excessively noisy.

Thread: Power chuck
08/02/2018 17:25:40

Not the ones I was thinking of when you first posted but an older design chuck.

I have a Multistar chuck using the same principle as yours. I found it a great little chuck even though you sometimes need a third hand. Get to know how to use it and it will help with basic turning of bowls.

As Ron said the newer scroll chucks are a lot better and easier to use, like most things someone is always developing new designs

Thread: Forstner bits
07/02/2018 16:11:07

I have a clarke's set that has seen some great service and still going strong When I brought them they were a stop gap and as each size wore out I was going to replace with better quality. But as I ststed they are still going

Thread: Best way to transfer plans onto wood
04/02/2018 10:36:42

You can't have someone with as much knowledge about making Rocking horses as Sadsam, he was the one that encouraged me to have a go at mine and is very helpful.

Thread: Power chuck
04/02/2018 10:34:09

If it is one of their scroll chucks there are many out there that have them. I use a Robert Sorby Patriot chuck which is also a scroll chuck they are great for turning. Which model is it or could you post a picture.

It is always awkward to go by one persons point of view you really need a few to get a better idea what a product is like.

Thread: Best way to transfer plans onto wood
28/01/2018 21:59:17
28/01/2018 15:41:18

Thank you this is the first one of these that I made. Just take your time and you will be rewarded with a nice horse. Look forward to seeing the end result once complete.

I would not cut up the original just get copies. The other way would be tape carbon paper together and transfer the pattern that way making sure the carbon paper is all facing the right way. Buy some wallpaper lining paper and cut from that

28/01/2018 10:55:53

having built a rocking horse myself i know the size you are dealing with luckily I did not have to copy mine as I was given paper templates already made out. One thing you can do is see if there any copy facilities near you that would make copies of the parts needed then cut these out and then transfer them to the wood it also will allow you to lay out the board to be able to get the most out of it.

You may need several copies if the plane is the same as the one I have.

This is the one I made and had great fun in doing it.

Completed at last

Thread: Riveted
25/01/2018 17:26:00

This is the second attempt at decorating with the airbrush and having brought my new one which is a better quality I needed something to have a good go at.

Anyway this is my attempt at Industrial piece do you think I should follow through with this theme.

The bowl I believe is Maple of Sycamore, sealed with sander sealer before airbrushing the Pattern and finally a couple of coats of Acrylic Satin Lacquerdscf8937 (800x600).jpg

Thread: Storing disc and spindle blanks
16/01/2018 17:01:58

I store mine under cover in stick with a good air flow. Try not to put them in a hot environment. Most wood turning items so are normally quite small so wood movement will not be a problem unlike bigger boards which would need acclimatising.

I have a mixture of green blanks and some which are dry as can be seen in my post HERE. You will also be able to see how I store mine

Thread: Been Busy
12/01/2018 18:36:18

One of the reasons for not having posted very much is that I have been busy converting this little pile of logs of Oak, Ash and Field Maple.

Had to start by cutting into slabs

dscf8833 (800x600).jpg

Then into rounds these two photo's are from last thing yesterday since then have done some more and still some left to do which should be finished either tomorrow or Sunday. They range from 4" up to 16" diameter and as well as these there are 20 or 30 hollow form blanks which have been sealed and stored two shelves down

dscf8889 (800x600).jpg

dscf8890 (600x800).jpg

Thread: Coloured Box
09/01/2018 12:04:41

Thank you David

Thread: Happy New Year All
31/12/2017 17:12:42

And the same to you Julian hope you have a good time in the shed this year

Thread: Coloured Box
31/12/2017 17:11:52
Posted by Wolfie on 31/12/2017 12:36:05:

Hi Derek, just had to comment on your beautiful work. Well done it must have taken you some time to do. I am no longer doing any woodwork now but do look in the forum now and again. I would like to take the opportunity to wish you and all forum members a very happy and healthy new year

Thank you Wolfie glad to see you are still around shame you are no longer playing with wood it is what keeps me going.

And a Happy new year to you and your family

Thread: Greetings.
24/12/2017 10:25:24

And the same to you Derek. Enjoy the day with family and friends.

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